Bird feeders

When it comes to choosing bird feeders, the choices are almost infinite.

hummingbirbHaving the right feeder in the right place, set up properly will enhance your enjoyment of watching the birds as well as developing a bird friendly yard.

The most important step to setting up your bird feeder is to determine where you want it. Is there a window you are comfortable looking out of, or a spot in the yard that would provide you a good view of the birds? Once you pick the spot, we can start to help you with the type of feeder that will work best in that area.

Bird feeders are constructed from a large number of different materials. Yardbirds carries wood, plastic, ceramic, metal, clay, and bird feeders made from recycled materials. We have a large choice of style, from the most simple and classic to intricate and contemporary. There is also a vast array of options for both color and design.

We will also help you set up your feeder in a way that will prevent squirrels from getting the seed from your feeders. While we love squirrels at Yardbirds, we believe they do not belong on your feeder. Once we know where you feeder is going, we can help you with squirrel-proofing the feeder. Don’t laugh, we really know how to do this.