Even birds can be picky eaters, so how do you pick the right seed?

All our seeds and mixes are made from the freshest, highest quality seeds available. Our seeds contain no fillers. What does that mean to you? It means the birds will eat all the seeds that you put in your feeders. Cheaper store brands add inexpensive fillers such as red milo and cracked corn. The songbirds around here will not eat these products, so it makes these “less expensive” products a poor deal.

Our seed is also triple cleaned. While this does not mean much to the birds, it should to you. Seed is sold by weight. The more filler and twigs and dirt in the bag, the less seed you are getting.

Freshness also matters. Seed that sits in bags at warehouses for months dries out and is less nutritional for the birds. Birds can tell. If you watch a bird pick up a seed then drop it to get another one there is a method to this madness. The bird is weighing the seed. If it is old and the oils have dried out, it does not weigh as much so they reject it.

Our seed mixes are blended for our area by our Amish supplier in Ohio to our custom specifications weekly. Our best sellers include Virginia Songbird and YardBird Medley. Each is designed for the birds in our area.

Did you know Bluebirds cannot break the shell on a seed? While they are insect eaters, we have a seed they do love to eat. It is sunflower seeds with the shell removed. Not only do Bluebirds love this seed, but so do most of the other birds around here.

So come on in and let’s talk seed. We will be able to help you get the birds you want to your yard, so you can just relax and enjoy nature’s show.

Some of the varieties we carry are:

  • Locally Blended Seed
  • Hulled Sunflower Bird Seed
  • Finch Seed Mix
  • Nyjer Seed
  • Hummingbird Nectars
  • Safflower Seed Mix
  • Mixed Nut Blends
  • NutraSaff
  • Mixed Nut and Seed Blends
  • Corn
  • Spreadable Suet
  • Suet Cakes and Logs
  • Seasonal Blend Seed Mixes
  • Whole Peanuts
  • Squirrel Mix

We also have a selection of no-melt, no-waste, and no-grow products that can make the cleaning of feeders a much easier job. To encourage the birds to keep coming back and eating the bird seeds that you put out, feeders should remain full at all times.

Yardbirds would also like to remind customers that wild birds should also have unhindered access to fresh and clean water all year long. Come on over to select your bird seeds today!