Bird houses

Most people don’t ask, but where do birds live?

Do they live in a nest? In the trees? Under the roof? In an attic or garage? On the ground? Once you start to think about it, buying bird houses from Yardbirds makes perfect sense. Not only are they beautiful and fun to watch, but birds perform a vital function in the food chain by reducing the number of insects.

Providing a safe environment where birds can nest, sleep, and raise their young are all functions of bird houses. A plus? You get to enjoy watching their lives unfold!

It is a wonderful experience to sit out on the deck or in the back yard and watch as birds emerge from bird houses. When they have young, you are able to observe the repeated trips back and forth for food. With bird watching being one of the most popular hobbies in the world and with bird houses from Yardbirds throughout the yard, you will find hours of entertainment right out your very own window.

We carry an extensive selection of bird houses constructed from a vast array of materials, from whimsical, cute, and tiny, to modern, colorful, and heavy duty bird hotels. Yardbirds will help you find the perfect bird houses for the space you have to work with. Come in today!